ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Taxpayers are picking up another large bill for legal fees in the Minnesota Senate.

The Senate Rules Committee approved the bill defending itself in the case of fired Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb, who had an affair with the former Majority Leader Amy Koch.

The Senate has now approved legal bills totaling more than $200,000 dollars in the case of Michael Brodkorb, the former Senate staffer. He said he was illegally fired after he admitted having an improper relationship with the Majority Leader at the time, Republican Sen. Amy Koch. Koch stepped down from her leadership post and did not seek re-election.

Brodkorb sued the state claiming he was treated differently than female staffers who had affairs with male Senators.

Republican leaders hired lawyers earning up to $330 an hour. They insist they have no intention of settling the case.

The Rules Committee approved $90,000 more in legal bills Thursday, which brings the total to the $200,000 figure. That’s almost twice the amount Brodkorb got paid when he actually worked here.

Pat Kessler