MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — “I really love the science of it all,” Solveig Tofte said.

With formulas on the bins of flour, her science tastes good.

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Tofte and her husband own Sun Street Breads.

“I normally would start at 2 in the morning, and come in,” she said. “I’m a bread person. I have two hours in the shop all by myself to mix a bunch of breads.”

She made enough bread selling sourdough at the Kingfield Farmers Market to open this shop in March of last year.

She planned on having eight employees. Now she has 30.

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“We were way busier than I thought we would be, which was good,” she said. “But it has its own set of challenges.”

Her biscuits and gravy are one of my top 10 favorite dishes in the city.

And this time of year, of course, Solveig is baking cookies.

“I love Christmas, and I love holiday baking,” she said. “Christmas cookies soothe my OCD really well.”

She says home bakers could make their cookies pop by doing one little thing.

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“Add salt, for real,” she said. “Just a little bit more salt. You eat a Christmas cookie and it’s super flat tasting, salt will fix it.”

Jason DeRusha