STACY, Minn. (WCCO) — Days after the first big snowfall of the year, the storm has left a lingering problem for some homeowners.

Ice dams are already hanging from roofs and overhangs.

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The problem shows up whenever there’s a wet, heavy snow, but this year, those large chunks of ice are forming earlier than many expected.

For Lisa Rawlings, it’s the ice, not the snow this winter that’s getting her attention.

“Icicles and ice dams,” said the Stacy resident. “It’s starting early.”

She’s one of many homeowners dealing with ice dams.

“The ice gets deeper and deeper, and I’m sure it’s doing some damage,” Rawlings said.

It’s the concern for leaking roofs that’s led to a busy few days for Joe Palumbo of the Ice Dam Removal Guys.

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“Pretty much Monday morning, the phone started ringing,” Palumbo said.

So far, his crews have cleared more than 40 homes of ice, a rush not expected for another couple of weeks.

“There were ice dams a day later,” he said. “We had three inches of ice on roofs the day after.”

With another storm in the forecast, all signs point to a busy year.

“It makes me think, ‘Hold on,'” he said.

Ice dams typically are a sign of insulation problems on a home. The best way to prevent them is to seal attic air leaks.

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If that’s not possible, taking the snow off your roof is another option.