MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It looks like love is in the air this time of year. According to The Knot.com, 16 percent of couples get engaged in December making it the most popular time of year for men to pop the question.

That’s how it all worked out for Bailey Bazzachini. Her fiancé got down on one knee Dec. 9 in front of the Lincoln Memorial. She said, after two years of dating, she had no idea it was coming.

“It was completely unexpected,” she said. “He said all these beautiful things and as soon as we started talking, I started to space out. I was so in shock. He said all these perfect things and before you know it, he was on one knee.”

Bazzachini said her fiancé asked her father for her hand over Thanksgiving.

“It’s such a romantic time of year,” she said. “We love Christmas and our families are together and it’s just a good time.”

At the Brides of France in Edina, business was busy the day before the New Year.

“We’re pretty slow until Christmas, then the day after Christmas, it’s insane in here,” said Mimi Shadler, of Brides of France.

She has a couple of theories on why mothers, grandmothers, daughters and sisters hit the bridal salon in January and the end of December.

She says some brides-to-be are coming home from college and want mom to see them in their dress. She also hypothesizes, “I laugh because you see all of these jewelry commercials.”

As for Bazzachini, she likely found her dress on New Year’s Eve, but we won’t share which one, just in case her fiancé happens to be watching.

Heather Brown