MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If there’s a teenager who deserves a chance to get away for a day or two, it’s 16-year-old Cody Metz of Lakeville.

“I’ve had medical issues my whole life,” he said. “In the last five years, I’ve had a lot of nausea and headaches related to the surgery.”

The surgery happened five years ago when doctors removed a brain tumor, after they initially thought they wouldn’t be able to help Metz. During his recovery at Children’s Hospital, reality hit home.

“He was aware that some of the kids were going to get better and go home,” said his father, Rob Metz. “And some were never going to get better and never get to go home.”

So when Cody Metz got out, he did what a lot of kids do. He made a wish.

“I’m definitely a huge Timberwolves fan, and I just wanted to something that a normal person would never have the opportunity to do,” he said.

The wish was for a chance to travel with the team for a road game. And the wish was granted — through a video email sent by Kevin Love.

“Amazing — it’s amazing,” said his mother, Carol. “I’m thrilled about it.”

Before Tuesday’s game, Cody Metz and his parents sat court-side and got to meet Derrick Williams and Ricky Rubio. Then it was off to a suite for the game, where Kevin Love showed up in person.

Afterward, Cody Metz and his family boarded the team plane and headed to Oklahoma City for Wednesday’s game.

“Following the local sports teams really got him through his roughest times here, so this is really fitting that he can celebrate with this kind of event,” Rob Metz said.

Cody Metz will watch the game in Oklahoma City and then fly back Friday.

Though he has had to miss a couple days of school each week due to headaches and nausea, the good news is he can play baseball again this spring.


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