MINNETONKA, Minn. (WCCO) – With all the hockey and skating going on in the Twin Cities, there’s a whole lot of sweating going on. And we all know how uncomfortable that can be.

Ian Wolff will be skating again this year in Red Bull’s Crashed Ice in St. Paul, and he’s looking for any advantage he can get.

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“Especially in this race, you can’t be losing your vision at all, so you can’t…having sweat drip down in your eyes,” Wolff said.

He’s using a new product developed by J.T. Johnson, an Excelsior entrepreneur and former hockey player.

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“You just peel this backing off and you just stick it right on the inside of your helmet or hat,” Johnson said. “What’s really unique about it compared to anything else on the marketplace is whenever any type of moisture touches the surfaces, it wicks it away from the skin and actually locks it into the core of the product.”

The name of the product is fitting – No Sweat. Johnson says when moisture hits the pad, it’s turned into a gel and locked inside. Soon after, it’s dry to the touch.

“It’s actually taken quite a long time to get to this point. We’ve been really kind of developing the product here over the last, like four, almost five years now,” he said.

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Johnson says No Sweat is now in 100 stores in 25 states, and selling fast. A three pack of the disposable pads sells for $4. They’re made in the USA, and can be used for any type of helmet or hat.