If you are planning a Super Bowl party and want to try something new, be sure to check out last week’s post on Italian nachos. You’ll likely have some asiago cheese sauce leftover and I have just the idea for you!

I’m not a frequent pasta eater simply because I tend to eat my carbs in the form of bread, lots of bread. However, I’ll occasionally give in to a craving for a bowl of red sauce-laden spaghetti or hearty lasagna (with a side of garlic bread, of course). I vow to someday own a spiral cutter so I can make zucchini noodles but in the meantime I’ll keep using up the overstock of pasta in my pantry.

Not wanting to waste the leftover asiago cheese sauce from the Italian nachos recipe, I came up with this simple Asiago Pesto Pasta dish. It’s hardly a recipe since I just threw a bunch of things together, but it was delicious nonetheless.

(credit: Crystal Grobe)

(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Here’s a quick rundown of what I did to make 4 servings:

1.) Slowly reheat cheese sauce in a small saucepan, whisking often to avoid separation. Add ¼ cup of premade basil pesto and whisk to combine.

2.) Cook desired amount of pasta in salted boiling water until al dente. Drain and set aside.

3.) Reheat pasta pan and sauté sliced zucchini (I used 2 zucchini) in a little olive oil until tender. Set aside.

4.) Return pasta to the pan, toss with asiago pesto sauce to coat, and add sautéed zucchini and halved cherry tomatoes. Serve and enjoy!