MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The average price of gas in the Twin Cities is around $3.45 per gallon, which is nearly 40 cents higher than it was a month ago. So, why did prices jump so high so quickly?

Crude Oil prices factor into the increase. In the last few weeks, barrels went from $92 each to $98.

However, Minnesotans in January saw their price at the pump grow even more than any other state. That’s because several Midwest states are buying fuel from Canada, where it costs more. They have to until two Chicago area refineries — closed for maintenance — reopen. That could take days or weeks.

That being said, Minnesota isn’t really paying more than other states.

“Keep in mind, that just brings us up to the national average,” said Gail Weinholzer with AAA Minnesota. “We’re still not one of the most expensive states by any stretch of the imagination.”

Of course, the price of gas is almost certain to go up within the next couple of months. That’s when we switch to the summer blend gasoline, which averages about 20 to 25 cents more per gallon.