MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The modern bride is faced with choices we wouldn’t have dreamed about even a decade ago — 3D invitations, big fake cakes, wedding dresses with pockets and more.

WCCO’s Natalie Kane and Aristea Brady are both busy making these decisions as their wedding dates approach.

So we asked the ladies to give us a taste of the newest trends — at prices you can afford.

Professional wedding planners can help you get it right but day-of wedding planners start at $600 and can be up to $6,000 in the Twin Cities. Lucky for us, Natalie and Aristea got a little bit of free advice from Amy Zaroff, one of the Twin Cities’ premiere wedding planners.


One of the new trends while shopping for invitations is 3D. Boxes attached to invites and details you want to touch.

If you’re handy with a glue gun, or a tape gun, and have a handy printer — you can try these trends at home. You can order boxes online, the belly band is just a printable sticker and sometimes, you can use material that will later be the actual linen, Zaroff said.

If you’re not handy, have no fear, Zaroff said.

“If you need to save costs, this is the best way to do it — Put it right on your website, get all the info you need,” she said.

Food Trucks

So, you’ve eaten, and you maybe had a couple cocktails, you’ve been dancing, it’s midnight and you’re starving … the new rage? Food trucks for midnight snacks.

These mobile snacks can cost you anywhere from $6 to $12 per person.

“So when guests are leaving, they can go get that turkey sandwich from ‘Turkey to Go’ or a big bowl from Vellee’s Deli,” Zaroff said.

The Dresses

We went to Bridal Accents Couture in Burnsville, where Natalie and Aristea both found wedding weekend dresses they loved.

A pocket in a wedding dress? Yes, it’s the new trend within the last few seasons.

And that’s not the only modern bride style breaking old boundaries — say goodbye to all white.

Splashes of color can be seen in the lining, accessories and more of bridal gowns.

And brides aren’t the only ones seeking flare — bridesmaid dresses are also offering more options.

Brides are allowing the bridesmaids to sometimes choose their own style, or maybe they’ll select a color scheme and let the girls have a little bit more freedom.


WCCO’s Heather Brown said from bridesmaid dresses to her earrings and even the decorations, she was heavily inspired for her wedding by Pinterest.

Her cake was almost exactly replicated from an idea on Pinterest, the ever-so-popular electronic bulletin board.

According to Minneapolis-based lifestyle and event planning firm, “Style Architects,” a lot of brides are finding their styles online.

Hipster-chic — bow ties, suspenders and vintage-inspired decor — is huge, said Rachelle Mazumbdar, of Style Architects.

The Cake

Cupcakes, little bars, whoopie pies, candy buffets — it’s called a sweet buffet, compliments of Sweet Retreat in Edina, a nice alternative to what can be an expensive wedding cake.

Another alternative? Fake cakes.

Getting a fake cake can save money and the secret? They’ll take a sheet cake in the back and have that cut off and delivered to the guests.

No one will ever know and you’ll save hundreds.

In the world of “for better or worse,” we hope we left you “for the better.”

The average cost of a wedding is $26,000. So who’s paying?

Wedding planners say as couples wait longer to get married, parents aren’t picking up the entire tab.

It’s more common to see the couple split the bill with mom and dad.

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