FARMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) – Winter can be a difficult time of year for children with special needs. But a group of snowmobilers in Farmington are trying to change that.

The Farmington Sno-Tigers hosted a day of winter fun for special-needs families at the Dakota County Fairgrounds. It’s such a popular winter sport in Minnesota that many take snowmobiling for granted.

Jason Connolly of Farmington says his daughter enjoys the thrill of riding.

“She loves it. She just keeps saying, ‘More and more. More, more, more. Go, go, go.’ She just can’t get on the snowmobile fast enough,” Connolly said.

Jim Ross of the Sno-Tigers says the event introduces many families to the joy of the trail.

“A lot of these kids haven’t been on a snowmobile, and a lot of the dads and moms haven’t been on a snowmobile. So it’s kind of fun to just see the smiles and reactions,” Ross said.

For many special needs families, it brings out a light in their children that’s worth coming back for every year.

“It gives us the ability to share an experience with our daughter. And we continue talking about it year after year,” Connolly said.