MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s summer in Antarctica right with temperatures ranging between 10 and 40 degrees above zero.

Though it’s not the normal February vacation cruise destination for most, it’s ideal for one Twin Cities couple.

Most people don’t prepare for cruises by jogging, but then again Gary Hawley isn’t your average 63 year old. He’s not taking your average cruise either — his ship will be taking him and his wife Susan for a run in Antarctica, where they’ll complete a half-marathon.

“We go on a research ship that has been converted to a cruise ship so it’s not very big,” he said.

It’s the third marathon cruise for the duo.

They ran in Africa and China, and hope to hit all seven continents before they’re done. The two have been running together for 18 years, and have each run 16 marathons.

Gary and Susan will only be putting out a half-marathon in Antarctica due to nursing injuries.

They’re looking forward to everything else the continent has to offer.

“They have whales down there, and penguins, seals,” Gary said. “We may do a little kayaking … maybe a polar plunge.”

The couple still has three continents to go, and the marathon cruise company goes to all of them — Europe, South America, and Australia.