MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For every adorable family with a sled at sunset there is one Minnesotan who is winter-weary.

The 10-inch snowfall over the last few days has had many WCCO-TV viewers wishing for spring. So when will the snowy weather end?

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When does the metro see the first 70 degree day? The first 60 degree day?

In 2000, we actually had a 70 degree on this date, March 5. Over the past five years, the average first 70 degree date is April 5. Just 31 days away.

The average first 60 degree is much sooner — March 22. That’s just 17 days away.

When do the beaches open?

The Three Rivers Park District opens Elm Creek Swimming Pond in Maple Grove on May 26, just 81 Days away.

Minneapolis beaches get lifeguards on June 8.

When does Sea Salt Eatery open?

Some WCCO viewers said the opening of Sea Salt in Minnehaha Park is the first sign of spring.

“That’s very nice,” said Jon Blood, owner of Sea Salt. “Friday, April 5 will be our first day,” he said.

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Last year Sea Salt opened in March, because it was so warm. But this year Blood is taking some vacation time, and doing some work on the interior of the restaurant. He said April 5 is “the official first day of spring,” at least, for him.

When is ice-out on Lake Minnetonka?

The average ice-out is April 13. But last year was really warm, and Lake Minnetonka’s official ice-out was March 20.

The first lake in Minnesota to have ice-out is Loring Park’s lake — that date is April 4.

When do we see the first mosquito?

According to the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, the first mosquitoes usually start hatching in mid-April; the first bugs start showing up in their traps in late-April.

When is the snow cover usually gone in Minnesota?

The state Climatology department tracks the average date for the last inch of snow cover, that’s pretty close to the end of snow on the ground. April 2 is that date.

When is the latest serious snowfall?

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The latest big snowfall — 4 inches of more — happened on April 29, 1984, when we saw 6.6 inches of snow!

Jason DeRusha