MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Wednesday, 17-year-old Anthony Joseph Mitchell, of Maplewood, made his first court appearance in Ramsey County.

He’s charged with one count of second-degree intentional murder and one count of second-degree unintentional murder for the Feb. 23 stabbing death of his girlfriend, Anna Hurd.

Hurd’s family and Mitchell’s family sat in court Wednesday. Patrick Hurd, Anna’s father, says the only contact he’s had with Mitchell’s family since the arrest has been a text message.

“There’s never really been an I’m sorry from his mother,” Hurd said. “I texted to her: ‘What the hell is going over there?’ I don’t hear s— from you guys. Nothing. She says, ‘Well, of course I’m sorry, Patrick.’”

In court, Mitchell’s attorney asked Ramsey County Judge Gail Chang Bohr if Mitchell could be remanded to custody of his parents.

“Put somebody out like that on the streets, no. He has no right,” Hurd said.

The request was denied by Bohr. Mitchell will remain in juvenile detention for now.

The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office is looking to charge Mitchell as an adult. They’re in the process of certifying him, and now a psychological evaluation has been ordered.

“It’s basically a court-ordered psychological evaluation and certification study,” said Dennis Gerhardstein, spokesman for the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office. “That will be done prior to an April 3rd certification hearing.”

Police found Anna Hurd’s body at around 4:29 a.m. in the area of McKnight Road and Ripley Avenue in Maplewood — just blocks away from the home of Hurd’s father.

The teen’s death was a homicide, resulting from several stab wounds, the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office said.

“I hear a little bit here and I hear a little bit there about what happened, and it just breaks my heart,” Patrick Hurd said.

He says that when his daughter and Mitchell were dating, Mitchell had been welcomed into their home. The teen had even gone on vacation with them.

Hurd said that at his daughter’s memorial Mitchell attempted to give him a hug.

“My eyes pierced through him,” Hurd said. “He just put his head down and walked away.”

The police investigation revealed Mitchell had gone for a walk with Hurd, but returned home alone around 2 a.m., telling his mother that Hurd walked to a friend’s house instead.

He told police he went looking for her and returned a short time later in hysterics with blood on his hands. Mitchell was also seen at a party the night before, playing with a knife.

A witness told police Hurd planned on ending her relationship with Mitchell.


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