ROBBINSDALE, Minn. (WCCO) — If you didn’t buy your hunk of corned beef yet, there’s still time today.

And if you’ve ever wanted to learn how the sandwich is made, head to Hackenmueller’s Meat Market to get a lesson.

This old fashioned meat market has been in Robbinsdale for 120 years. Gordy has been here for 30.

Corned beef is a slab of beef brisket corned. Corning is a process of brining meat in a very salty solution. The term comes from the size of salt originally used.

At Hackenmueller’s, they’re able to corn the beef very quickly.

One hour-and-a-half in the brine solution in a tumbler, another hour with the rest of the brine.

“I like to leave it sit for a day or two — adds that much more flavor,” Gordy said.

A couple years ago, WCCO visited Clancey’s Meat Market in Linden Hills, where they use a slower process to brine the meat, soaking it 10 days, before it’s ready to rock.

Both processes will give you a richer, fresher flavor for your corned beef.

Instead of boiling it, Gordy suggests putting the beef in the oven at 350, about four hours for five pounds.

Hackenmueller’s will burn through 500 pounds of corned beef this weekend. And next up is their double smoked hams for Easter. They expect to sell 600 of them.

Hackenmueller’s is open Saturday and they’ll still have plenty of corned beef ready if you’re a last minute shopper.


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