Recipe courtesy Rachael Perron, Kowalski's

Cut evenly; completely but lightly coat veggies with oil. Season to taste. Roast on baking sheet lined with parchment in preheated 450° oven until browned and tender when pierced with a fork.

Acorn squash Cut in half; roast skin side up 50 min.
Asparagus Trim woody ends 10-15 min.
Beets Leave whole; scrub but don’t peel (remove skins after cooked/cooled) 60-90 min.
Bell Peppers Cut into strips 12 min.
Broccoli Cut 1 ½” florets 10-15 min.
Brussels sprouts Trim and halve lengthwise 20-25 min.
Butternut squash Cut in half lengthwise ; roast skin side up or cut into 1” cubes 25 min.
Carrots Peel; cut into 1″ pieces 18-20 min.
Cauliflower Cut 1 ½” florets 25-35 min.
Mushrooms Clean well; trim stems from shitakes,  if desired 15-25 min.
Parsnips, Rutabagas or Turnips Do not peel rutabagas; cut into 1″ thick wedges 60-70 min.
Potatoes Do not peel; cut into ½” pieces (fingerlings and baby reds work best for roasting) 30-35 min.
Sweet Potatoes Peel; cut into ½” pieces; cover with foil 20 min.
Tomatoes Roast unpeeled, whole (time shown is for large tomatoes; grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes may take 5-7 min. or less) 20-25 min.
Zucchini & yellow squash Halve lengthwise; cut into 1 ½” pieces 20 min.