MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – No matter your route home, you couldn’t detour away from winter.

It looked like a parking lot along I-494, taking 13 minutes to go just one mile in some spots.

“All the roads going toward the west are backed up for miles,” said Neal LaFebere, a commuter.

Brake lights flashed on along I-94.

With slush and slop accumulating on side mirrors, people were using their hands to remove it.

Traffic also backed up as far as you could see along I-394.

“My normal drive is about 12 minutes, and tonight it took me almost an hour,” LaFebere said.

Not even buses were immune to the slippery conditions.

One contracted by Met Council hit a tree while driving southbound on West Broadway at County Road 81.

“Mother nature decided Minnesota was her target this year,” said commuter Chad Nelson. “She’s not letting up.”

Once home, many then struggled to clear the driveway.

Some used with shovels.

“Something I shouldn’t be doing in April,” Nelson said.

Others used snow blowers.

“It does this, it makes you think maybe I should move to Florida,” LaFebere said.

You couldn’t escape the feelings of disgust, with most wondering what Nelson said out loud: “This has to be it, right?”

MnDOT treated and plowed roads Thursday night, they hope the pavement will stay warm enough so highways will be OK for the morning rush.

Side streets, however, could still have lots of slush and snow, so take it easy as you head to work.