MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With Friday’s great weather, Minnesotans headed to the nearest outdoor eating spot.

“We knew we would be in the sunshine if we came to Brit’s, so we didn’t want to be in the shade be out and enjoy the sun,” Brian Peterson said. “The best part is everybody is happy. I felt like everyone was gloomy and sad that winter was so long so now everybody is happy. It’s Friday. It doesn’t get any better.”

While many waited to eat, others decided it’s better to just sit and enjoy Mother Nature’s gift.

“It just feels so good I wish I had a bathing suit on,” Alecia Mandel said.

The warm weather packed sidewalks downtown Minneapolis.

Food trucks were a big hit, and people did not mind waiting in long lines as long as they could see and feel the sun.

“Usually I’m in the sky way, or at my desk, but today the sun is out,” Heather Vincent said. “A little Vitamin D. I’m loving it.”

The retractable roof at the Union got its first work out of the year, and businesses like the Local expect to have a packed house outside until closing time Friday night.

Reg Chapman


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