MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Two Minnesota men working in Indiana helped to rescue a man and his son from a pond.

David Landborg from Blaine and David Selmer from Mendota Heights took a different route to work last Friday. Along the way, they saw 41-year-old Jeffrey Keck drive his SUV into a retention pond.

Another driver, Jason O’Neil, joined Landborg and Selmer in their sprint to the water. Keck’s 14-year-old son was in the passenger seat, and the water was rising.

“When I got to the window, it was closed so I was telling him to wind down the window, and we got the window on down, I couldn’t open up the door,” Selmer said.

O’Neil says the teenager was the first to be rescued from the vehicle.

“We got the boy out and there was probably about [a foot and a half] window left, and then by the time the father got out there was virtually no window and he kind of came out and up,” O’Neil said.

The men are still surprised that no one was hurt. Jeffrey Keck was taken to jail for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and child endangerment.