MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you are starting to think these missing woman searches have become a regular thing in the metro, you’re correct.

There are three young women unaccounted for: Danielle Jelinek from Chisago, Kira Trevino from St. Paul, and Mandy Matula from Eden Prairie.

On the day of the week that should be about walks in the park, Saturdays in the metro have become synonymous with foot searches.

In Eden Prairie, Mandy Matula’s brother, Steven Matula, is heading up the latest round. His sister went missing last week.

Mandy Matula’s ex-boyfriend, the person of interest, has since killed himself.

Steven Matula says he can’t help but think of the one’s who have gone before, and are still going.

“Think about the parents who haven’t seen their daughter in three months, four months. I know my prayers are with them,” Steven Matula said.

He’s talking about Danielle Jelinek of Chisago, who went missing in December. Her ex-boyfriend isn’t talking and is being held on drug charges. Steven Matula also talking about Kira Trevino, missing since February, her husband is charged with murder, her body, nowhere to be found. Now, there’s Mandy Matula.

Marcie Steger is Trevino’s mom.

“I haven’t had a chance to speak with Mandy Matula, her family, I can only imagine for them,” Steger said.

Steger said she does know the mode Mandy Matula’s brother is in.

“I remember that first week, it’s a whirlwind, adrenaline,” Steger said. “You just have to do, do, do.”

As he keeps on “doing” in his sister’s name, he’s also asking them to do for others,

“Besides looking for Mandy, look for the other girls too because they are just as important as Mandy,”

Steger said she knows it’s a long road, they just hope it has an end.

“I feel terrible for Mandy’s family right now because it does get a lot worse before it gets better, we pray it gets better. We pray Kira is brought home to us — that all the girls are brought home,” Steger said.


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