MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – If you see a turtle crossing a road this spring, the DNR advises you to leave it alone.

Each spring, many female turtles have to move from wetlands and lakes and cross roads to get to nesting areas. In the process, many turtles are killed.

If you see a turtle on the road, the DNR wants you to slow down and let the turtle cross. You should also keep the following in mind:

— While watching turtles cross the road, don’t make sudden movements with your car. Doing so could scare the turtles, causing them to stop, hide in their shell or change direction.

— If you have to pick up a turtle to help it cross the road, make sure you move it in the same direction it was traveling.  If possible, move them in a direct line across the road.

— Also, try not to handle too many turtles. The DNR says handling should be limited to one or two turtles of each species. There are nine turtle species in Minnesota, and some are protected.

Moreover, if you see any other animal crossing the road, slow down and drive safely around it, the DNR advises.

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