ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — On Wednesday, lawmakers who took a risk by supporting the bill are getting some political help.

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A political action committee has formed just for them, as lawmakers who voted yes might need help to get re-elected — some admitted the vote might have hurt them back home.

But thousands who attended the signing ceremony chanted, “We got your back.”

In the unforgiving world of politics, that may not be enough. And it’s why the gay marriage group Minnesotans United formed a political action committee.

“We are absolutely committed to helping them in any way they feel like would be helpful,” Richard Carlbom said.

Carlbom built Minnesotans United — first defeating the gay marriage ban, then passing legal gay marriage.

Party labels don’t matter, or votes on other controversial bills — only the yes votes for marriage.

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“We have people at the table who do not agree on anything else,” Carlbom said. “And that one thing we agree on is securing the freedom to marry.”

Democrat Joe Radinovich voted yes, and he’s getting pushback from his northern Minnesota district, which voted for a gay marriage ban.

“Some of them have been pretty harsh,” he said.

He’ll take whatever help he can get.

“There are obviously certain risks in voting in a district like I live in, but I think that people on the whole are going to be impressed with what we do down here,” Radinovich said. “And I think that they’ll appreciate I will stand up for what I believe in.”

Ninety-seven Democrats voted yes on same sex marriage, and did five Republicans.

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All of them are in line for help from the Minnesotans United PAC if they need it; and some may need it more than others.