MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Over the weekend, when it wasn’t raining, you may have spent some time in your garden, planting flowers. Or maybe just getting the soil ready for what you will plant.

It is a sea of colors at Leitner’s Garden Center in St. Paul, a look that many of us would love to replicate in our yards. Gardeners who work there say we should go big and bold when selecting plants this season.

Therese Sexe, a container artist at Leitner’s, stressed how important it is to know which flowers like the sun and which ones crave shade.

“Impatiens …  work well in the shade and they give you a lot of color and are very reliable,” she said. “Here’s another one that’s bold and good to go. These are gerbera daisies. They are beautiful and good to go. They like the sun and give you color all summer as well.”

Sexe said she would rank petunias among the heavy favorites for spring flowers. They can handle a little shade or sun. They also work well in hanging baskets.

“(Baskets) are not hard to care for. Water them every day, feed them every couple of weeks like all annuals,” she said.

For working up your garden soil, Sexe suggested pulling up the weeds and adding some compost from either manure or a compost center. She said that would add amendments to loosen up the soil and add nutrients.

If you want to learn more about Leitner’s Garden Center on Randolph Avenue in St. Paul and their services, like selecting and planting flowers for your containers, click here.