Misfits, geeks and freaks are taking over Twin Cities screens this week, first and foremost the patron saint of all three demographics: Crispin Glover. Check out my list of the five best bets for local movie screenings during the next seven days.


Monday, June 3 & Tuesday, June 4: The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (Trylon Microcinema)


Black & white cinematography? 1950s sci-fi tropes? Rockabilly? Just about the only thing that appears to differentiate The Ghastly Love of Johnny X from The American Astronaut is the former’s knowing, strident campiness. Oh, and Paul Williams is also in the new movie, too.


Monday, June 3 & Tuesday, June 4: It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine! & What Is It? (Heights Theater)

Crispin Glover is in town this week to host screenings of the first two installments in the as-yet unfinished It? trilogy. Fans of Glover’s work in Back to the Future will likely want to stay home, but anyone who jives on the avant-gardist-next-door vibe he gives off in what could’ve just as easily been check-cashing work in Charlie’s Angels, or anyone who admired what he did on his David Letterman apperance (he’s the love child of Andy Kaufman and Vincent Gallo you can still take home to mother) must not skip these consecutive-evening screenings.


Friday, June 7 through Sunday, June 9: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (Trylon Microcinema)

If you work in TV news, you don’t actually get to have a different favorite movie than this. Unless you’re a snob-nosed film critic, then all bets are off. I’m happy for all my co-workers that they get the chance this weekend to submit to Ron Burgundy’s sweet jazz flute stylings at the Trylon. I can’t guarantee they won’t also be smuggling in their tumblers of scotchy-scotch-scotch.


Friday, June 7 through Sunday, June 9: Before Midnight (Uptown Theatre)

Michael Apted, that master of installment cinema, better watch his back. The every-nine-years updates on the interpersonal navigation of Celine and Jesse are shaping up to comprise possibly the most romantically satisfying relationship in movie history. Picking up where Before Sunrise and Before Sunset left off, Before Midnight extends their affair into their 40s — from “Caught Up (In a One-Night Love Affair)” to “Time Waits For No One.”


Thursday, May 30: Fright Night & An American Werewolf In London (Parkway Theater)

Another cunning double feature at the Parkway Theater matches dorky, 1980s vampire horror-comedy against dorky, 1980s werewolf horror-comedy. “You’re so cool, Brewster.”


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