HOPKINS, Minn. (WCCO) — An 18-year-old Hopkins High School senior cheerleader allegedly used her sophomore teammate as a prostitute, according to a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County.

Montia Marie Parker, 18, of Maple Grove was arrested on one count of second-degree felony sex trafficking, and one count of felony solicitation, inducement and promotion of prostitution.

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Parker is accused of soliciting her Hopkins classmate on backpage.com, taking her out of school and driving the victim to various locations to sell her oral sex services, and the complaint states Parker never shared the cash that the victim earned.

According to the complaint, the victim said she was hoping to make some extra money while at school hanging out with friends. Parker got the sophomore’s phone number and asked her if she would be willing to have sex for money. The victim said she would give oral sex in return for payment, at which point Parker asked for photos that were “not too nasty but kinda cute,” and that would have the victim “showing a little skin.”

Parker then posted the pictures on backpage.com, creating an advertisement for the victim.

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On March 5, Parker took the victim out of school, drove her to Crystal and directed her to go into an apartment and give a man oral sex. The victim did, and then received $60 in cash, giving it all to Parker. Parker deposited the money her own TCF bank account, sharing none of the proceeds to the sophomore who performed the sexual act.

On March 6, Parker called Hopkins High School, pretended to be the victim’s mother, and pulled her out of school to drive the two of them to Brooklyn Park. Parker told the victim she would need to have vaginal sex with the man she was about to meet. The victim said no, and Parker replied “I didn’t drive up here for nothing, and eventually you will need to have sex.” The victim went inside the man’s residence but didn’t want to have sex, so the man refused the arrangement.

The victim’s mother found out her daughter had an unexcused absence from school on March 5, checked up on her daughter’s cell phone and found text messages from Parker with the subject of prostitution. She then called police.

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