MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Prosecutors want a former Minneapolis police officer accused of sexually assaulting girls to be thrown back in jail.

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Bradley Schnickel, 32, pleaded guilty Thursday to sending nude photos of himself to teenagers in Hennepin County. But Anoka County prosecutors say his current job already violates the terms of his release — and those officials want him back behind bars.

“To me, I’m an ex-felon myself. I believe in giving people second chances and everybody deserves a second chance,” said Basim Sabri.

When Sabri hired Bradley Schnickel to be a security supervisor at Karmel Village Mall and Apartments in Minneapolis, he did so knowing that the former police officer was accused of soliciting sex from nearly 20 girls in Anoka and Hennepin counties.

“He convinced me by talking that he understood very well what he had done and he regretted it big time,” said Sabri.

But Anoka County prosecutors argue that the very job Sabri hired Schnickel for violates the terms of his release.

A judge ordered him not to have contact with girls.

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Last week, witnesses say Schnickel was in an apartment with a 14-year-old girl while investigating a trespasser. But both Schnickel’s attorney and his employer disagree, calling these latest allegations ‘bogus’ and ‘untrue.’

“I think the prosecutor is out for blood,” said Sabri.

Sabri said the incident is overblown and that Schnickel is a hard worker trying to support his wife and kids. He said since hiring Schnickel, security at his mall and apartments has improved.

“I do see a big change in the company, but more importantly, I haven’t seen anything to indicate to me that Mr. Schnickel has intentional contact with minors,” said Sabri.

A judge will decide if Schnickel’s new job violates his release.

For now, he’s out of jail until he faces the more serious sex charges against him in Anoka County.

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He’ll likely receive one year in the workhouse for the nude pictures he sent in Hennepin County.

John Lauritsen