MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Twins played the Detroit Tigers at Target Field Sunday afternoon under sunny skies and a stadium full of dads. It was the second sellout of the Twins season at Target Field but for at least one family, it was so much more.

Three years ago, Andy Wondra and his wife moved into their first house in Rosemount, next door to a man named John Isaacson.

“My husband was probably the biggest Twins fan I’ve ever known in all my life,” Rosie Isaacson said.

John would make the trip to Fort Meyers every winter and would go to at least 30 games every season.

“He was the biggest fan I’ve ever seen,” his neighbor, Andy Wondra, said.

Andy and John became close friends. So, when doctors diagnosed his neighbor with colon cancer he made sure to still be there.

“They spent a lot of time together through his illness watched a lot of Twins games in our garage with him,” Isaacson said.

John lost his battle with cancer last summer. His wife decided to keep his season tickets and today there was no question who John would want to use them.

“Andy was able to bring his dad and his grandfather so there’s four generations of Wondra’ s sitting in my husband’s seats today,” Rosie said.

It’s that fourth generation that makes this story even more special. Andy’s little boy is named John, named after the neighbor he’ll never forget.

“He would be so proud and so happy. He’s watching over them,” Rosie said.

John Isaacson was 58 when he died in August. Before he died, John wrote a letter to baby John and the families will make sure he hears all about the biggest Twins fan they’ll ever know.

More than a thousand dollars has been donated to the Twins Community Fund in John Isaacson’s name.