MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When Janice Godlewski and her nephew went to the Twins game in April, it was called off. So she asked: What do the Twins do with all the food that was made?

Kevin Smith with the Minnesota Twins says most of the time the team knows early they’ll cancel the game, so the food is not made.

But if they cut it close, most of the food – burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches — can be packed up and donated. The Twins use Rock It and Wrap it Up to get the food to a church in Brooklyn Center that gives the food to food shelters. Some food, like cheese that’s been left out or pulled pork that’s been left in the bins, has to be thrown out. Last year, the Twins donated 30,000 hot dogs.

Beverly Osborn-Mattison asked: Why is a stop sign shaped like an octagon?

According to the Eno Center for Transportation, the first stop signs were just sheets of metals in all different shapes and sizes. In 1922, the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) standardized the stop sign into an octagon shape. In 1954, they were all made red. Back then, the signs didn’t have reflective material, so the sign were made into 8 sides so people would recognize the unique shape at night. The AASHO also wants people to able to recognize the signs from the back.

Larry from Roseville asked: Does driving with the air conditioning on affect gas mileage?

Yes. According to the Department of Energy, it sucks up between 5 and 25 percent of your miles per gallon.

But driving with the windows down can also hurt your fuel economy by up to 20 percent for sedans.

A good rule of thumb to save the most gas: Use the AC on the highways where there’s a lot of drag and put the windows down when you’re just cruising the streets.


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