DUNDAS, Minn. (WCCO) — The town of Dundas, Minn. took a hard hit from Saturday morning’s storms. Several roads were closed, and people had to be rescued from several homes.

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According to Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn, a total of four families have been displaced in the small town of Dundas, located an hour south of the metro.

A culvert gave way and Dunn thinks runoff from local farm fields came into play.

“Trying to haul everything we could up I two minutes,” homeowner Nina Davidson said. “We did save the computers, TV, rest of the things like that, clothes. It just happened so fast, but we got out and nobody got hurt.”

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Davidson’s neighbor, Travis Smith, lost his cars and the foundation of his home

“From a dead sleep to being out on the street watching everything I have being flooded was about 10 minutes,” Smith said.

Dunn said 5 to 8 inches fell in over two hours.

No one was hurt, but damage around town is visible. Smith says that is why he is not stressing out.

“Granted I’ve worked hard now for what I have, but you can always start over as long as you’re still here, it doesn’t matter,” Smith said.

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In nearby Northfield, two families were evacuated due to the rising waters.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield