MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We could all use a little more relaxation in our lives, and people have all different ways to unwind, including yoga, wine and reading.

This morning we are look at a new way to relax, even mediate, that can also help your body heal. It’s a float tank that frees your body from gravity’s pull, allowing you to release tension, stress and ease pain.

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It’s the Samadhi Floatation Tank, also known as the sensory deprivation tank.

The tank is a big box filled with 10 inches of water that contains 800 pounds of dissolved epsom salt, more than 10 times the amount found in the ocean. The result: You float like a cork.

“Once you start letting go of holding yourself, the body will let go and the mind will relax and follow as well,” said Terri Burks, the caring executive owner of the Wellness Center.

Once gravity is gone, sound and light disappear too.

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“You’re in an environment where you are very physically relaxed and also for many people, mentally relaxed,” said Richard Bonk, a consultant for the Float Tank.

Bonk has been using and researching the float tank for decades.

“The hardcore floaters are people who are interested in mediation and states of consciousness,” Bonk said.

He was also involved in a float tank study with the Medical College of Ohio.

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“We found that not only did it lower blood pressure during the session, but it would keep it down for a couple of weeks. And it seemed to also affect the body in many other ways. It lowered the productions of stress hormones, increased endorphins, the feel good hormones,” Bonk said.