MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Despite the cooler weather, it’s still summer and there is plenty of time to get out and fire up the grill.

For many, grilling out also means serving chips, dips and burgers. But just because you’re BBQ’ing, that doesn’t necessarily mean your meal can’t be healthy.

Natalie Nyhus talked with registered dietitian Christina Meyer-Jax, who shared some tips on how to pack for a tasty and healthy BBQ.

Meyer-Jax said that her number one tip for those planning a cookout is to plan ahead.

“You have to invest in some really good containers,” she said. “You really have to separate your cold foods and your dry foods. It helps you organize, but at the same time it’s going to keep your food safe.”

Meyer-Jax also suggested using the cold foods as part of the cold pack. She recommended what she called a “water wop,” a container of water boosted with sliced fruits and cucumbers and then stored in the freezer.

And just because most people choose burgers, steaks and hot dogs for the grill doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a healthier choice, such as individually packed salmon filets.

And even if you really want that hot dog, Meyer-Jax said that you can at least seek out wieners made from grass-fed animals and processed without nitrites.


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