MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Dozens of same sex couples across Minnesota were married on August 1. So we thought this might be a good time to answer Nancy’s question: Why is a honeymoon called a honeymoon?

As with all word origin questions, there is debate about the answer. But as early as the 16th century, there were references to honeymoons.

Honey was said to mean something about the marriage’s sweetness and moon was said to have to do with the length of time that sweetness would last. Some believe it’s a month, but others say it has to do with changes in the moon: As soon as the moon becomes full, it starts to wane.


John from Ham Lake asked: Why isn’t dental covered under health insurance?

According to Lynn Blewett, a health economist with the University of Minnesota, health insurance first started out as catastrophic plan with high claims and not much preventative care. She said Medicare followed this model.

Over time, more benefits became negotiated, but dental was never included. Routine dental is much cheaper and most people can pay for that, so dental is a separate insurance. Accidents and TMJ are often included in medical insurance. For people on Medicaid, dental is included.

Experts with the Minnesota Council of Health Plans say dentistry has a different mindset than medicine –- dentists are more independent and more like to charge privately.


Emily from Chanhassen wants know: New York vanilla, French vanilla, vanilla bean — What’s the difference?

According to Jeff Sommers, owner of Izzy’s Ice Cream, it has to do with the flavoring and amount of egg. The basic ingredients to vanilla ice cream are milk, cream and sugar, which is the basis for Philadelphia ice cream. Add a little egg to that and you get New York ice cream. French vanilla has even more egg. Vanilla bean ice cream still incorporates the seed pod of the vanilla bean.

Heather Brown