MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Hats, old T-shirts and some video tapes that are 30 years old are just a few of the items being sold at one nation’s most popular music venues.

The First Avenue garage sale is set for noon on Sunday, Aug. 25.

“We’ve actually never done a garage sale before,” Kristin Backman said.

Backman said the impetus is because their staff is growing and they need the space. They also have a number of items sitting in their basement collecting dust.

“We’ve got some old discontinued merchandise,” she said. “Some posters and some random electronics.”

The most unique items that will be sold are a wall of RockAmerica 3/4-inch videos tapes that are filled with random artists from the 80s and 90s.

“They’re music videos that were sent out to music venues for deejays to play between sets,” Backman said. “I found tapes dating back to 1983 and I think I saw one up to 1995.”

All proceeds will benefit the nonprofit organization Twin Cities Music Community Trust, which assists members of the music community with medical and other bills when they’re unable to pay for due to unforeseen illnesses or accidents.


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