MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — About two and a half years ago, Composer Chris Coyle started sharing his love for music with those who don’t always get to experience its many wonders.

“It definitely changed the way I thought about being a musician, about making music,” said Coyle.

A nationally-known musician, Coyle is teaching music workshops to clients at Midwest Special Services in Eagan and Brooklyn Center. The eight-week program allows adults with disabilities to learn about music from around the world. Coyle said his music workshops are therapy based.

Chris and the students even record themselves in actual studio at MSS. He said it is amazing when they hear what they’ve created.

“Like, he knows how to record stuff and it’s so coo, like on top of each other and everything, and it’s so cool,” said student Megan Morrow.

Coyle will ultimately compose music based on his experiences with MSS clients and their art. He’s showing not only how he’s allowed them to see music differently, but how they’ve done the same for him.

“It becomes more than just writing or recording something just for the sake of it being commercial, or it being, you know, appealing to other people. You know it’s really about the experience that we’ve had together,” Coyle said.

Chris Coyle will perform the music he composes at a special concert at the MSS Center in Eagan on Sept 4.