MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The former president of Totino-Grace, who resigned after acknowledging he was in a same-sex relationship, is speaking out.

In his first TV interview, Bill Hudson says it’s an “enormous relief” not having to hide his relationship with his partner of 18 years.

Hudson resigned from Totino-Grace this summer after admitting the relationship when he was questioned by school officials. Totino-Grace officials praised his work at the school, but said it would be inconsistent with Catholic teachings for him to remain there.

Hudson says he is grateful for his years there and for the outpouring of support he received from many students and alumni after the resignation.

Now, his focus is his new job at a new school where, for the first time in his adult life, he can be open about who he is and who he loves.

For 20 years, Hudson worked in Catholic schools, the last nine at Totino-Grace were he became head of school in 2011. During all those years, he told no one that he was gay and in a committed relationship.

“It was hard and it was hard on my partner, who wasn’t able to be included in school activities and events,” Hudson said.

However, his partner supported keeping the relationship secret.

“He has a great love for me and wanted me to be happy and successful,” Hudson said.

While working at Totino-Grace, Hudson did tell colleagues about his children, who are now 7 and 8. No one asked about his spouse.

“No, no. They were just excited that I was a father and that I had children,” Hudson said. “I think they might have been suspicions but I don’t know.”

Until this summer, no one at Totino-Grace confronted him. He says during his years at the school he became increasingly worried he might be called upon to deal with a gay relationship of an employee or even his own situation.

“I would have to fire them or fire myself and I knew that I would have to face that decision,” Hudson said.

He describes himself at first being grief stricken over leaving Totino-Grace.

“In retrospect, it was difficult, but also very life-giving,” Hudson said.

Later this month, he will take over as Director of Institutional Advancement at Mounds Park Academy working on admissions and marketing.

The non-denominational school prides itself on inclusiveness.

“At Mounds Park, I can be my authentic self,” Hudson said.

On Friday night, at a Mounds Park faculty event, Hudson will be bringing his partner.

“I can’t wait to walk into the gathering tomorrow night and introduce them to my partner and not have to think twice or worry,” Hudson said.

In addition to being able to attend work social functions with his partner, Hudson says he is looking forward to being able to place photos in his new office of not just his children, but his partner as well.

Totino-Grace released a statement saying they wish Hudson well in his new position.


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