MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Butcher and the Boar is well known for sausage. So well-known that a local grocery store asked if it could sell it.

So why not let Jason DeRusha help make The Boar’s cheddarwurst? There’s an old saying about laws and sausage — it’s better not to see them being made.

In the basement kitchen of the four-star restaurant Butcher and the Boar is sausage-maker Peter Botcher.

He’s spent the last eight months getting processes set to take his sausage from the restaurant to the grocery store shelves. Some 20,000 of the cheddarwursts are sold at the restaurant each year.

“It’s a lot of cheese,” Botcher said. “Most add 10 percent. We add 25 percent.”

The meat is 70 percent pork, 30 percent fat with a spice profile including sage, salt, thyme, ginger, cayanne.

“That’s how you get the flavor,” Botcher said. “You want it to be complex, but simple — harmonious.”

Industrial production happens in St. Joseph, Minn.

Now you can buy the cheddarwurst, beer brat, and hot link sausage at Lunds and Byerlys.

The ultimate goal?

“To cloak the world in sausage,” he said. “I’m serious. We’re trying to make the best sausage in the world.”

Jason DeRusha