BRICELYN, Minn. (WCCO) — Achieving pancake perfection is no easy task.

So WCCO viewers helped Matt Brickman track down the best flapjacks in Minnesota.

The winner ended up sending him nearly to Iowa: Bud’s Cafe in Bricelyn.

Tom Hughes is a man who lets his hotcakes speak for themselves.

“They seem to like them, I don’t know why,” he said.

Starting with his dad — the Bud in Bud’s Cafe — Tom’s family has been feeding Bricelyn since the 1930s.

And for breakfast that means pancakes.

“It’s an old recipe,” he said. “It was my mother’s recipe.”

And she made them big, and people go crazy for them. In the WCCO poll, Bud’s Cafe got more votes than Bricelyn has people.

“Well, I voted and I tried to vote twice and they said I couldn’t vote twice,” a patron said.

And even though Tom is exceedingly modest, his customers are happy to point out his cakes are the best in the state.

The pancakes are a steal – $3 for one cake, and $4.25 for two.

“It feels good to be appreciated,” Hughes said.

Next week — who has the best marching band in Minnesota?

You can either email Matt or tweet him.


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