By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Happy National Cheeseburger Day! What is two-and-a-half pounds, with eight strips of bacon, eight slices of cheese and 20 pickles? It’s the Beast Burger and you can only get one at Joe Senser’s.

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The burger is made especially for Senser’s restaurants.

It’s a special blend of meats and the way it’s ground keeps people coming back for more. Now, if you eat this burger in 30 minutes, it’s free.

There’s nothing like it anywhere around — two and a half pounds of happiness. Just lifting it off the grill, takes skill and muscle.

They waltz it through the dining room to the table — a spectacle for all to see.

But wait, there are rules before you eat.

“This is a waiver that everyone who does the Beast has to sign before they start the challenge and pay attention to No. 5 — it says it you have to clean up your own mess and it’s void,” said Mary Nguyen, manager at Joe Senser’s.

That’s right — eat so much that your stomach spits it back out and you’ll be cleaning your own mess and paying for the burger.

At first sight, the burger is certainly intimidating.

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“Eat the whole plate, nothing left behind, and you get 30 minutes to do it,” Brian Johnson said.

With the clock running, our Reg Chapman set out on a mission.

“To do this, in 30 minutes or less, you’ve got to go at a pretty good pace,” Johnson said. “You may need to pick up the pace.”

Reg’s review? Big bacon, big cheese, great taste.

“It’s a special grind just for Joe Senser’s,” Johnson said. “I can’t divulge any of the other information for you. This is a secret deal, special grind for Joe Senser.”

With the clock ticking down, Reg started feeling defeated.
Six pounds of food is a lot to eat in 30 minutes.

The bun itself is 10-inches round and Reg said, “That burger was huge.”

Now if you eat everything on your plate, all six pounds of food, the burger is free. If not, you pay $49.

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And if you’re like Reg, and don’t complete the challenge, you’ll end up on the wall of shame.

Reg Chapman