ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – On Friday, prosecutors concluded their case against Jeffrey Trevino, accused of killing his wife, Kira Steger, in February. Steger’s body was found in the Mississippi River three months later.

Prosecutors took two hours questioning retired St. Paul Police Sgt. John Wright for the second time in the trial. He discussed his interviews with Trevino, and provided details about the couple’s deteriorating relationship in the months leading up to her disappearance.

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He told jurors that Jeffrey and Kira planned to have a date night on the evening she was last seen. Wright said the Trevinos were trying to save their relationship.

Wright noted in a surveillance video obtained from the gas station near Trevino’s home that Jeffrey exiting west instead of east on the morning after Kira’s disappearance. Footage from Mall of America surveillance cameras also showed a cab arriving soon after Kira’s car arrived later that morning.

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According to Kira’s sister, Keri Anne Steger, Jeffery referred to Kira in the past tense after her disappearance. And while talking with police, Jeffrey asked what he should do with Kira’s belongings. Police just told him to expect her to come home soon.

During the course of the trial, the jury learned that DNA testing confirmed traces of Kira’s blood in the home. She was badly beaten, but this week the jurors also learned that she was likely smothered before she died. The defense introduced a theory that her marijuana use played some sort of a role in her disappearance.

The big question is if Jeffrey Trevino will testify. A decision must be made by Monday.

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The jury could begin deliberations as early as Tuesday.

Kate Raddatz