MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Halloween is next week. Thanksgiving is next month. And right after that, many of us will be opening holiday gifts from our loved ones.

But first, we have to shop for them.

A survey from Deloitte shows that shoppers are expected to spend more money on holiday gifts this year, an average of $421. That’s up about 8 percent from last year.

Target just announced what it thinks will be the top toys this holiday season.

Katie Boylan works for Target public relations.

She took us through the toy aisles and electronics to see
what’s new and which classics have returned with a twist.

You’ll recognize one of the top picks immediately. He’s been around for awhile.

It’s Furby, with a high-tech makeover and a new name — Furby Boom.

“And with Furby not only can you talk to it. You can also feed it. I understand that if you put your finger in Furby’s mouth, Furby will eat, sort of,” Boylan said.

Furby Boom is $59.

Then there’s Big Hugs Elmo.

“He used to tickle, he used to giggle, now he gives hugs,” she said.

He sells for $49.

Little ones will probably like another furry guy, too. Cuddles the Giggly Monkey.

Shopping for a young music lover? Take a look at the Beats Solo headphones by Dr. Dre.

“When you put them on the outside world just fades away. If you are a teenager, what could be better, you put them on and mom and dad are gone,” Boylan said.

They are very lightweight and comfortable, as well. And for $199, they should be.

Looking for toys that stimulate the mind? Legos are still popular.

They come in lots of themes, like Star Wars.

And for that active kid who bounces off the walls in the wintertime, how about an indoor ball that flies?

The Air Hogs Atmosphere ball is $22 and it’s much like those remote-controlled helicopters that kids love, except it has a little fan inside and you control its movements with your hand.

“It hovers, it has auto hover technology that allows it to hover above your hand or another object. Look at it go,” Boylan said.

That survey from Deloitte also shows for the first time, consumers say their top shopping destination of choice will be the internet.

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