MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Halloween is a night for fright, but what if you spend every day of the year convinced your home is haunted?

The Twin Cities Paranormal Society gets dozens of requests to investigate so-called “haunted houses,” including one in North Minneapolis along Washburn Avenue, where a dog mysteriously ended up in the fireplace behind a barrier, lights go on and off and the family continuously hears footsteps.

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The cleaner has even told homeowner, Amy Gonyea, that she’s seen three different spirits.

Gonyea had her house checked out by the society and, based on historical information about the home, the investigators believe the original homeowner’s spirit may have stuck around. Furthermore, it’s possible other spirits from the neighborhood could have joined him.

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That said, the original homeowner did die in the home.

The investigators say it’s a lot more personal when it’s a house being checked out. When they visited one night, they all heard footsteps and were able to record the sound.

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The Twin Cities Paranormal Society does evaluations for free.