MORRIS, Minn. (WCCO) — There aren’t many foods that bring back more memories than the grilled cheese sandwich.

But who makes Minnesota’s best grilled cheese?

Viewers’ votes sent Matt Brickman to Don’s Café in Morris, Minn.

Don’s Cafe is everything you’d hope to find in a small-town, family-owned restaurant. It’s been a beacon of consistency in Morris since the 1940s.

“Not much has really changed around here,” Marsha Buss said. “That goes from the menu to how things are done.”

And that’s stayed true since the Buss family bought Don’s 14 years ago.

The top seller? Grilled cheese sandwich.

“I think the bread has the most to do with it,” Jeff said.

It’s a white bread recipe that came with the restaurant, and they make it from scratch every morning.

“Greg gets here about three every morning,” Mike said. “Comes in, gets his mixer going, get the bread mixed up, let’s it rise, pans it up and then bakes it.”

You can a buy a loaf at Don’s and the sandwich recipe isn’t tough to figure out — two slices of bread, slather them in butter and layer on three pieces of American cheese.

But the secret is in this grill itself, and the 30 years of seasoning that go into every bite.

“Well the burgers are cooked on there, the bacon is cooked on there, eggs are cooked on there,” Marsha said. “It’s got the flavoring.”

A grilled cheese at Don’s is $3.99, which is great for students at the University of Minnesota Morris campus.

Next week, it’s all about the best bowling alley in the state.  You can either email Matt or tweet him to share your favorite.

Matt Brickman

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