By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Typically, Tuesday isn’t a huge day to schedule weddings, but this week is a different story. Because this Tuesday is 11/12/13, some couples have decided to take the plunge.

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Across the country, David’s Bridal estimates that 3,000 couples will exchange vows on the day.

Graham Gershgoren and Liz Novotny are one of a large number of couples getting married on the unique day. Their ceremony will be held at the Brookdale Service Center, and then 25 people will meet them for dinner at Jax Cafe in Minneapolis.

They opted for a wedding on 11/12/13 specifically when they decided to go small for their nuptials.

“We’re not going to put ourselves deep into debt with this one,” said Gershgoren.

The couple plans to head to Colorado for a beer festival for a mini-honeymoon and then do a bigger blowout with friends next year.

Novotny said she hopes Gershgoren won’t ever forget their anniversary.

Hennepin County says there are two other weddings scheduled for Tuesday — one at 4:30 p.m. and one at 7 p.m.

Seven couples also decided to tie the knot at the Chapel of Love at the Mall of America.

“We were planning for June,” said Amanda Kriesel-Koll.

Amanda and Tim’s plan for a summer wedding came crashing down after two different venues canceled.

So after much heartache, they decided they had to act now.

“Why wait any longer and we are ready to get married. Vegas was too expensive. I didn’t want to let her go so I had to find the fastest way to get married,” said Tim Anderson.

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The fastest way to the altar was by way of the Chapel of Love inside the Mall of America.

“We’re lucky that the chapel has the photographers, the flowers and everything here. It’s just perfect,” said Kriesel-Koll.

One-stop shopping for all couples who will take their vows here.

For Amanda and Tim, the date had little to do with their decision.

“It’s going to be 11-12-13 and that will be fun. We didn’t really think about the hype of the numerical number and it’s one of the last years,” said Kriesel-Koll.

Mark Scannell will be a busy man on Tuesday.

“It’s magical, it really is magical,” he said. “I have seven weddings and it’s a big day because its 11-12-13.”

Scannell said people are sometimes drawn to these magical numbers.

“Next year is 12-13-14 and that’s it for a while — like a hundred years,” Scannell said.

Numbers that help prevent the possibility of forgetfulness getting in the way of happiness.

“I also hear the men, the groom, say it’s an easy day to remember and they don’t have any fear of forgetting their wedding date,” Scannell said.

Still, the couple’s I do’s are special, not because of a series of numbers but because true love makes their bond unbreakable.

“It doesn’t matter the day or the time or the place marry your best friend,” said Kriesel-Koll.

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That one more chance this century to have a sequential wedding date? Next year on 12/13/14. That day falls on a Saturday.

Reg Chapman