By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Mike Grant has his Eden Prairie team back again. They’re unbeaten and trying to win a ninth state title.

But what makes Grant interesting is what he believes are the most important parts of getting a program to the top.

The year was 1996 and Eden Prairie had just won its first state football title. Seventeen years later, they’ve won eight.

Now, they are trying to win their ninth prep bowl.

The team can seem machine-like, with players just changing the numbers as the years go by. But to a coach, things are a bit different.

“I think I’ve changed,” Grant said. “I tell people all the time now that, you know, as I get to the end of my career, I know a lot more but I’m sure of a lot less.”

The secret sauce isn’t really a secret — not in Grant’s world. And to a degree, the secret is really not much about football.

“The most important thing is that great relationship with your kids,” Grant said. “And that our coaches are great at that. We have great relationships – honest, fun relationships – with our kids, and our kids love playing.”

“It’s not the science of coaching,” he added. “It’s the art and the touch of coahing.”

That extends to Grant to other sports. He is also the school’s athletic director, and proud of Eden Prairie and the students he serves.

But this week it’s about football, and those he loves to serve.

“Honestly,” Grant said, “the best two hours of my day are practice.”


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