MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This season, holiday shopping will be a bit different, and some days will be better than others.

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There are six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, shortening prime selling season. That could mean bigger crowds.

Young Lucas Oliveri knows Creative Kidstuff in Linden Hills like the back of his hand. His mother, Melissa Oliveri, says, “He wants the blue rock-and-roll tour bus right back there, which is why we come here almost every day.”

She’s trying to get on top of things.

“I’m already getting started whereas other years I usually wait till the last minute; but just feeling that sense of pressure, big difference,” Oliveri said.

And weekdays are the best times to shop, according to ShopperTrak.

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The website projects Dec. 4 to be the best day to shop, because it should be the least busy. They say shopping in general in early December and on weekdays means fewer crowds and more attention from salespeople.

And with fewer days to shop, weekends will be even busier.

“It’s because of the shortened season, (shoppers are) a little frantic,” said Augsburg economics professor Dr. Jeanne Boah.

She’s advising shoppers to get holiday shopping done early. Also, she said that low gas prices may leave people with more money to spend on gifts.

As for that rock-and-roll tour bus, Oliveri is leaving the shopping to someone else.

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“Santa should bring that,” she said.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield