ROSEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — If you’re one of the many who’ve yet to begin their holiday shopping, you might be pleasantly surprised. That’s because many stores are offering deep discounts to make sure they don’t get stuck with large amounts of unsold inventory.

The deals are especially noticeable on winter clothing items, where stores are cutting retail prices ranging between 40 percent and 70 percent.

In fact, there’s barely a store in Rosedale Mall that isn’t advertising big price cuts in the window.

As Santa Claus takes on those last minute requests — last-minute shoppers are taking heart.

“I just got started basically,” Lexi Glomski said.

Wherever she’s been, Glomski has come across deep discounts.

“Everywhere I went it was cheaper and when I checked out it was less than what I thought it would be so that’s good, of course,” she said.

Other shoppers are voicing the same pleasant surprise.

“Deals are out there and everybody is trying to get rid of everything before the end of the year, so it’s good,” Mel Gillson said.

With a shorter shopping season this year, retailers are walking the tight rope of balancing store inventory with shopping demand. With just six shopping days remaining until Christmas, shoppers like Dana Hoen are coming out money ahead.

“I got over $1,100’s worth of items and I only paid $300 for it, after all the sales and discounts,” Hoen said.

Some of the deepest discounts are on winter clothing, like sweaters and coats. But even furniture is being priced to move.

Retailers like Mazen El Awady say both the numbers of shoppers and what they are spending appear to be down this year.

“Even the money they spend in the malls is down between 10 and 30 percent. So we try to throw the deals in even if we lose a little bit, but we try to achieve our target,” El Awady said.

Between now and the closing on Dec. 24, stores are counting on a big finish — hoping that shopper’s buying spirit makes the bells ring.