MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This time of year, people have a lot of extra boxes and it may tempt people to get a bit careless with how they get rid of those items. But police say that’s a bigger risk than you may think.

John Elder with Minneapolis Police says if you’re not careful, you may unknowingly invite unwanted guests into your home this holiday season. Thieves see dollar signs in those empty boxes.

Elder says there’s a significant spike in home burglaries around the holiday season, mostly because people who can’t give their own gifts steal from others.

To avoid being the victim, there are two things you can do.

“Having neighbors keep eye out, that is No.1 thing we see in crime suppression or crime prevention,” Elder said.
Also, don’t throw away or recycle everything at once. Wait a few pick-up cycles.

“Nothing says it has to be gone that week,” Elder said.

People also need to be aware of what they put right in front of their windows. Police don’t recommend the tree right in the front window with tons of present under it or big items like TVs visible from the street.


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