MAPLE GROVE, Minn.(WCCO) — Santa dropped off a lot of new sleds, skates and skis in Minnesota this week, and the day after Christmas was just about perfect to use them.

Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove was crowded with people hitting the slopes on Thursday.

“Man, this is the best way to burn energy,” said Manie Vaidyanathan of Maple Grove.

It was the kind of winter day that Minnesotans live for: mild temperatures and snow that’s nice and thick.

Many were testing out new gear that they’d just unwrapped.

“I got a lot of new stuff for skiing,” said Jonathan Soderstrom, 15. “That’s all I asked for.”

The timing of the warm-up is perfect, with kids away from school.

“We’re just out here enjoying every moment,” said Mike Griffin of Maple Grove. “It’s awesome.”