MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Many people were out and about Saturday, running last-minute errands in preparation to stay at home for a few days.

Grocery stores were busy with people stocking up before the winter blast.

At Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis, cross-country skiers and runners got out and enjoyed the brief stint of warmer temperatures.

Minneapolis Parks and Recreation is closing all of its facilities Saturday at 6 p.m. until Tuesday at noon because of the weather.

In Shakopee, Canterbury Park is hosting one of the biggest Snocross events in the sport.

Thousands of fans are expected to attend Saturday night’s competition.

While they can stay warm in the Grandstand, the top competitors will be out battling the falling temperatures and negative wind chill.

Levi Lavallee, a popular and decorated Snocross competitor from northern Minnesota, told WCCO how they protect themselves.

“The biggest thing is you got to keep all exposed skin covered,” Lavallee said. “So a lot of guys will literally put duct tape on their face, and you kind of look at them and they look like a monster when they take their helmet off, but that’s what you have to do when it’s brutally cold like this.”

There are no plans to cancel Snocross events because of weather.

The competition continues Sunday.