MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On this national holiday, celebrations are happening all across the Twin Cities to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s memory.

Monday morning kicked off with a breakfast celebration at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Civil rights leader and keynote speaker, campaign strategist Donna Brazille discussed how far the country has come 50 years after the historic march on Washington, and what’s left to accomplish.

“Dr. King wanted us to keep that dream alive because he didn’t want … Dr. King didn’t want to see any child left behind. He wanted us to continue to proclaim emancipation for all people. Emancipation today is immigration reform. Emancipation today is voting rights,” she said.

Meanwhile the Minnesota Historical Society welcomed hundreds to march from the St. Paul Cathedral a couple of blocks away.

Monday has been a lot about recognizing the accomplishments of the past and setting goals for the future.

Lawmakers showed up, too, discussing future goals like education equality and some of the same themes King discussed years ago.

Sen. Al Franken was at the front of the line marching and later, Rep. Keith Ellison and Gov. Mark Dayton were present at a reception inside.

Walking alongside some of the marchers Monday, both young and old, all conveyed the meaning behind the message.

“They should learn that we should have a just world and that everybody should be equal,” said 11-year-old Noah Bonds.

Cheryl Chatman said she can remember the days when King was still alive.

“I remember struggles, sacrifice, I remember a lot of pain, a lot of injustice,” she said. “But what I remember the most is the courage that I saw and the dedication from King. All those who walked with him and fought with him. So those are the things that linger on — the persistence, not giving up, believing, and going about it in such a non-violent way.”

For more MLK Day events, click here.


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