MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Here’s a local angle for the Super Bowl: A local company’s cold resistant clothing will be worn by the Seattle Seahawks in the Big Game.

WSI Sports, a company in Eagan, got the nod to produce activewear for Seahawks they can wear under their pads.

The San Francisco 49ers used WSI’s fabric against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. So, when the 49ers told the Seahawks about it, the Seahawks called, knowing the Super Bowl could be played in cold weather.

What WSI’s Joel Wiens had developed was a product inside the underwear clothing — a heater technology that creates warmth against the skin.

“It is a fiber that expands and warms up as it’s against the skin,” Wiens said. “It has to be against the skin. You can’t wear other layers in between it.”

What you see in the report is being shipped to New York Wednesday to be worn on Sunday.

“We’re gonna cut down on the amount of layers, so that the player can be much lighter. It’s going to be warm … it wicks incredibly well, so they’re going to keep focused on the game,” Wiens said.

Mike Max

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